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Autographed Copy of Sacha Ny After Dark

Sacha: NY After Dark, Autographed Copy

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  • Internationally renowned sultry songstress Sacha Boutros produces her 3rd album, "Sacha: NY After Dark," a savory collection of old and new world jazz wrapped in dreamy remembrance, reminiscent of the the the hustle and bustle of the beloved big apple and its Jazzy sounds after dark.

    Lewis Nash, John Di Martino, Terell Stafford, Peter Washington, Tommy Aros and Peter Sprague
    Inspiraciones by David Ochendo
    Recorded in NY by Tom Tedescho and Dave Darlington

    Mixed by the legendary Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios Hollywood
    Mastered by Ron McMaster Capitol Studios Hollywood

    Produced by Sacha Boutros

    Diva Latina Productions, SB Entertainment and ChuchiLu Productions
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